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York Bee Hamdmade Hamper

York Bee Hamdmade Hamper

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This stunning YorkBee hamper includes;


1 x Local Blossom or Yorkshire Honey 

1 x Beeswax Rope Candle

1 x Beeswax Leaf Candle 


‘Local Yorkshire Honey BUY 100% RAW LOCAL HONEY.
Our small family business offers Natural, untreated and unpasteurised honey from York area. Our beautiful bees produce a top quality honey from huge variety of flowers, trees, from farms fields and wild meadows’

The handmade candles unique and original design makes these candle a right choice for any home and it will be a great idea for a beautiful gift. These natural candles will clean the air in your home and light up the room making it warm and cozy. 

Leaves Candle

Wax is the secretion of the wax glands of 12-18 day old bees. To produce 1 kg of wax, a bee colony uses about 3.6 kg of honey. The basic raw material from which bees make wax are carbohydrates. The wax is used by the bees to build the combs needed for rearing young bees and for storing bee and honey in them. In good conditions, a bee colony can produce 2-3 kg of wax during the season.

Beeswax is a solid, white through light yellow, orange to dark brown in color. The smell is similar to that of honey. It is a mixture of about 15 chemical compounds, mainly esters, but also contains free acids, alcohols and hydrocarbons. There are also minerals, dyes and aromatics, and some bee putty. Wax is usually obtained from old wax, scraps that remain when the combs are unsticked, and other unusable pieces of plaster.

Wax, apart from beekeeping, has been used in many industries valuable for the economy (about 50). The pharmaceutical industry uses wax for the production of ointments and patches, and the cosmetics industry for the production of creams, lipsticks, crayons and lipsticks. Many pharmacists believe that most plasters, ointments and creams should be prepared with beeswax. It is easily absorbed by the skin, giving it smoothness and delicacy. wax mechanically cleans the teeth from plaque and strengthens the gums, helps with stomatitis, asthma and hay fever.

Beeswax candles burn smokeless, leaving a delicate scent of honey in the room. The negative ions emitted from the candle flame purify the air, alleviating the problems of upper respiratory tract catarrh, lung diseases, asthma and allergies. They stabilize blood pressure, increase the body’s efficiency, and increase the ability to remember. Burning wax candles eliminates the smell of tobacco smoke, neutralizes the effects of radiation coming from the computer, TV set, mobile phone and other electromagnetic devices. The flame of a wax candle cleanses the spiritual spheres, causes the flow of good energy, calms the nerves and calms emotions.’