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Natures Aid Vitamin B Complex 100

Natures Aid Vitamin B Complex 100

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B Vitamins, unlike other Vitamins, are a family of nutrients that work well together. At Natures Aid, our potent B Vitamin Complex contains Riboflavin (B1), Thiamine (B2), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic acid (B5), Pyridoxine (B6), Biotin (B7), Folic Acid (B9)’ and Cobalamin (B12). 

These B Vitamins support the body in many ways: 

  • The nervous system is supported by Vitamin B1, B2 and B12. 
    ·         Energy production is supported to by Vitamins B5, B6 and B12
    ·         Tiredness and fatigue are reduced by B5, B6, B12 and Folic Acid.
    ·         Normal psychological function is supported by Nicain, Folic acid and B6.
    ·         Whilst normal mental performance is supported by vitamin B5.

B Vitamins can be obtained from a healthy diet, and are commonly found in meat, fish, beans, pulses, and wholegrains. However, supplements like this Mega Potency Vitamin B Complex 100, provide a daily top up, which may be helpful during busy times or times when your diet may be lacking. 

Natures Aid Vitamin B Complex 100 Time Release, was created by our expert nutritionists to provide a slow release of B Vitamins into your system.  It is a mega potency product, designed to provide a boost of B Vitamins at those time when you may need it most.

To provide you with peace of mind over your supplement selection you can also be assured that this vegan friendly formulation contains no gluten, yeast, dairy, nuts or soya.