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Viridian Dandelion With Burdock 60 Caps

Viridian Dandelion With Burdock 60 Caps

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Combination of Dandelion root extract with dandelion whole root powder, plus whole burdock root powder in a base of alfalfa, spirulina and bilberry.


Viridian Dandelion with Burdock combines two plants which have long been known to aid digestion and may help support a healthy liver.


Digestive effects:

Dandelion comes under the category of a bitter herb. It is believed that the bitter principles may stimulate the initial phase of digestion.

Liver effects:

Dandelion is thought to promote a healthy liver due to its Choleretic and Cholagogue effect.


In the West the root of Burdock is considered the most important part.


It is used primarily as a cleansing and an eliminative remedy, especially effective when there is a buildup of toxins.


Burdock may support healthy skin due to its antimicrobial action.


The bitter glycosides within this herb may also support digestion.


Burdock may have appetite stimulating properties.