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Pure Gold Manuka 300+   250g

Pure Gold Manuka 300+ 250g

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Fully traceable from hive to home
100% New Zealand Manuka Honey with a delicious, natural taste
Flavourful and versatile. Use as a beneficial ingredient in cooking
See what all the buzz is about! Pure Gold Manuka Honey is a special kind of honey that is packed with even more unique antibacterial properties than regular honey ? and tastes pretty good too.

Pure Gold Manuka Honey is tested by an internationally-accredited New Zealand government approved laboratory for non-peroxide activity (NPA) and dietary methylglyoxal (MGO), the component that gives Manuka Honey its unique antibacterial properties. The higher the number, the greater the antibacterial performance.

Pure Gold Manuka Honey has a creamier texture, is darker in colour, thicker and is also more opaque than regular Manuka honey. It?s known all over the world for its combination of rich flavour and high antibacterial properties, and it certainly gets a gold star from us.

All Pure Gold Manuka Honey is certified monofloral, which means that the bees that make it predominantly visit the Manuka bush (and not any other flowers). It has been tested to ensure it meets a higher standard than multifloral honey does ? when the honey nectar is mostly collected from the Manuka bush but can also contain nectar from other plants. This bold claim simply means that manufacturers of monofloral honey must ensure that two of the four chemical Manuka markers meet a higher required level than multifloral honey does.

Manuka honey is formed in the rural pastures of New Zealand by bees that pollinate the ancient Manuka bush. The Manuka bush has been used medicinally by the indigenous Maoris for over 4000 years. Today, Manuka Honey is still renowned for its unique properties, and is used as a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugars we add to food and drinks or can be taken right off the spoon to supplement a healthy diet.

Got a sore throat? Dissolve a spoon in a glass of warm water or tea for a 2-for-1 soothing drink, or simply sip it off the spoon to get relief from those annoying sore throats. You can also use Manuka honey just as you would use your regular supermarket runny honey, whether it?s drizzling it over Greek yoghurt, letting it soak into your morning porridge or adding it to a cooking marinade.

To ensure you are getting consistent quality, every batch of our Manuka honey is tested and verified in a laboratory to measure the various quality parameters, all before leaving New Zealand. At Holland & Barrett you can be assured that you?re receiving Manuka honey that has gone through scientific testing and can be traced all the way back to the beekeeper it came from.