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Oro-tan Sun Tanning 60 Tabs

Oro-tan Sun Tanning 60 Tabs

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Oro-tan® Tablets assist the body to achieve a natural, glowing tan. This is especially useful, because over exposure to the sun carries the risk of skin damage. The reason is that potentially damaging “Free Radical’ molecules are produced by the skin upon extreme exposure to sunlight.
Oro-Tan® Tablets are specially formulated to produce a natural, glowing tan and contain ingredients that could provide care for the skin in sunny conditions. Antioxidants such as Beta Carotene and Grape seed Extract could  neutralise free radicals in the body. Additionally the red-orange pigment of Beta Carotene and carrot powder, together with the synergistic action of L-tyrosine may help enhance a tan to give the skin a natural glowing tone.

What are Oro-tan® tablets for?

  • May work as an antioxidant and help prevent oxidative damage to the skin
  • Help enhance your tan to give the skin a natural glowing tone
  • May stimulates and increase melanin formation, thereby accelerating the natural tanning process
  • May helps absorb Ultra Violet light, and prevent damage to the outer layer of skin, the epidermis and avoid sunburns


    Oro-tan® Tablets may be of benefit to:

    • People who wish to maintain healthy skin
    • Those that want skin protection whilst on a holiday
    • People who wish to protect their skin against UV damage
    • Those who are exposed to a lot of sunlight
    • People that want to enhance a tan
    • Those who want to achieve healthy glowing skin
    • People who wish to prevent premature skin aging