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Optibac Probiotics For Everyday MAX 30 Caps

Optibac Probiotics For Everyday MAX 30 Caps

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A premium, high strength, probiotic supplement.

Key Benefits:

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
Gluten free, Dairy free
Can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Potent Strength
One a day capsule
Providing 50 billion live microorganisms per daily dose
Optibac Probiotic for every day MAX strength is a high strength, high quality and well researched natural bacteria supplement.

A 50 billion formula containing 3 of the most clinically trialled strains of live bacteria: L. acidophilus NCFM, B. lactis HN019 & B. lactis Bl-04.

OptiBac Probiotics For every day MAX is a potent formula providing daily live cultures for those who want a high quality option.

Scientifically proven to pass through stomach acidity and survive to reach the gut.

Research shows that it is more important to look at the quality of the bacterial strains, before you look at the number of billions. The best live cultures supplements always list the strains of bacteria and not just the species because no strain is the same. Listing a strain shows transparency. It allows you to identify whether there is any research on the strain, what the quality of that research is and what potential benefits the strain may offer.

It's best to take the product with the most researched, high quality strains, which are most suited to your needs. Whilst it's not always necessary to take very high doses of friendly bacteria, as in some cases a strain can be sufficient at doses of just 1 billion CFU - if you are going to take a high strength live cultures supplement, then we recommend choosing one containing some of the most researched strains in the world.