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Oatly Whole Drink 1L

Oatly Whole Drink 1L

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Oat drink

Wow no cow!

It's Swedish!

Unsurprisingly contains oats

Enriched with vitamins and minerals

Free from lactose, milk protein, soya

100% cool for vegans

So only the best is good enough, huh?

Then drinking Oat Drink Whole is for you. It's the obvious choice when you want to swap whole cow's milk for something good for the planet. If you use this super delicious oat drink when you bake, your muffins, cakes and breads will come out so moist that it may not even bother you when people use the word 'moist'. This product is also really great in coffee. It swims around the cup so naturally, like a dolphin in the ocean that just escaped from a zoo. (Okay, apologies if that was a bit over-the-top, but you get the idea.)

What's in it? Oats, water, a pinch of salt and rapeseed oil - all smoother than a velvet sofa.