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Aloe Dent  Whitening Protection Toothpaste

Aloe Dent Whitening Protection Toothpaste

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The natural choice for ultra whitening toothpaste with added fluoride protection, helping to enhance brightness
Contains aloe Vera, silica and Icelandic moss, which work together to help naturally whiten, soothe gums and protect against sensitivity
With two exclusive whitening and enamel protecting formulations, AloeDent Pro Sensitive toothpastes contain effective ingredients expertly selected to freshen breath, prevent stains, protect against cavities and defend against dental hypersensitivity.

Combined with soothing aloe Vera and a host of organic and natural actives such as fluoride, potassium nitrate and citrate, Icelandic moss, peppermint, escin and echinacea, these low abrasive formulations are the ultimate natural shield against sensitivity and enamel wear.

A breakthrough aloe Vera toothpaste with advanced whitening technology and maximum sensitivity defence. This original toothpaste contains a blend of natural whitening ingredients with added fluoride protection and scientifically balanced potassium salts, helping to enhance brightness, reduce dental hypersensitivity and prevent enamel stains caused by everyday contaminants such as tea, coffee and red wine.