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A Vogel Siberian Ginseng

A Vogel Siberian Ginseng

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A.Vogel's Siberian Ginseng Drops, formerly Eleutherococcus Tincture, helps to enhance energy, tackle fatigue and relieve stress.

There are many causes of stress and fatigue. Most occur as a result of excessive demands on our physical and psychological reserves.

Siberian ginseng root contains numerous compounds that have tonic effects on these two aspects of our health, improving physical performance, endurance and tolerance to stress. Siberian ginseng's ability to increase tolerance to stress is of relevance when considering the body's ability to recover from a variety of illnesses such as infections, allergies, trauma and surgery.

Siberian ginseng, Eleuthero, is not a true ginseng species but works like Korean ginseng in that it helps strengthen the adrenal glands. Siberian ginseng is used by athletes for overall body strengthening effects.

Siberian ginseng is considered to have a balancing effect on female hormones which together with its energising action, make it helpful for some menopausal women.

Benefits of A.Vogel Siberian Ginseng:

  • Made from Siberian Ginseng root
  • Botanical food supplement
  • Helps enhance energy
  • Increases tolerance to stress and counters anxiety
  • Calms and relaxes the mind

Dosage: Take 15-20 drops of Siberian Ginseng drops three times daily.